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Bringing Brightness to the Night: Plans to Fix Street Lights in Progress

Updated: Jan 27

Hatton Street light on station road and heathway

Back in late January the parish council reported to DCC Highways Dept that the 2 street lights on the path between Station Road and Heathway were out of action.

This was elevated by Cllr Patten as a safeguarding issue.

Despite many pleas and calls and this being a safeguarding issue, the lights were only inspected late last week. DCC has just one electrician in the area.

The electrician found that there was no power to both columns. These have now been referred to the National Grid and are normally repaired within 25 working days, which means the lights should be working by 28 March at the latest.

Cllr Patten's office has written to Western Power to ask if there is any way that this can be escalated, but have been warned by DCC Street Lighting that the power companies do not see street lights as urgent matters.

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